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Vanilla, Almond and Raspberry Pavlova

Fresh, fruity and slightly nutty, La Pav’s vanilla, almond and raspberry pavlova is as close as we get to a traditional fruit-topped pavlova.

Our signature bursts-in-your-mouth-then-melts-on-your-tongue meringue base is topped with a freshly whipped ‘Bourbon’ pure origin vanilla and mascarpone cream, a touch of deep and nutty roasted almond praline and a few flecks of almond crumb.

Garnished with shards of lightly toasted almond and a scattering of farm-fresh Australian raspberries and micro basil, for a fresh finish on the palette. 

Serving Sizes: Individual (8cm, serves 1) | Medium (18cm, serves 4-6) | Large (24cm, serves 6-8)

Dietary Notes: Gluten Free, Contains Dairy, Contains Egg, Is not Vegetarian, Is not Vegan