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*Christmas Edition* Chocolate and Hazelnut Pavlova

La Pav’s *Christmas Edition* Chocolate and Hazelnut pavlova is our pride and joy; a chocolatey-but-not-too-chocolatey dessert that’s perfectly balanced and classy enough to fit in just at a wedding as it does at your mate’s barbecue.

Our signature bursts-in-your-mouth-then-melts-on-your-tongue meringue base is topped with a delicate layer of the world’s best chocolate (Valrhona ‘Caraibe’ 66% chocolate), a superbly light and fluffy whipped chocolate ganache and a spot of rich, roasted hazelnut praline.

Finished with toasted hazelnuts, Valrhona ‘Caraibe’ 66% Stars and a light dusting of gold flakes. Oh, and there’s a surprise roasted hazelnut in the centre. It’s like the classiest Ferrero Rocher you’ve ever had.

Serving Sizes: Individual (8cm, serves 1) | Medium (18cm, serves 4-6) | Large (24cm, serves 6-8)

Available to pre-order for pick up only on Christmas Eve (24th of December) and Christmas Day (25th of December) only. *Limited Quantities Available.*

Dietary Notes: Gluten Free, Contains Dairy, Contains Egg, Is not Vegetarian, Is not Vegan