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Seasonal, Locally Sourced, Gluten Free Pavlovas.

At La Pav’ all our Pavlovas are made from scratch using fresh, local and high quality ingredients, from our seasonal fruits right down to our meringues, creams, ganaches and pralines.

We don’t use premixes or pastes from industrial production and our Pavlovas are all Gluten Free.

Our highly trained Head Patissier Johann, works tirelessly everyday to bring you a completely unique dessert experience.

It is work that comes from the heart and we are dedicated to creating beautiful culinary experiences that we are super proud of.

“I don’t think there is an Aussie out there who doesn’t love a good pav! I want to redefine this classic Australian dessert and showcase it to the rest of the world!”

— Johann Vanier, Head Patissier

Seasonal Tasting Box

La Pav’s seasonal tasting box is the perfect option for those who can’t decide between all our incredible pavs, or people who know they want to try them all. Taste-test a range of flavours before your big event, plate up a selection of pavs and look like a pro at your next party, or order a box to yourself and eat them all on the couch. The world is your oyster, and we don’t judge.

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